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Easy guide to the 'Victorian Disability Act 2006'

Victorians with a disability have a website made for them. It is called the Act Resources Guide. The website has information about the Victorian Disability Act 2006. It is written in a way that is easy to understand. There are also short films on the website that are in Plain English and captioned. People with a disability helped to create the Act Resources Guide. If you want to easily understand the Victorian Disability Act 2006 this website is especially for you.

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Bronwyn massages her way to success

A close-up of a masseuse's hands massaging a person's leg.

Bronwyn Davies is blind and has been running her own massage clinic for the past eight years. She set up a room at home as a clinic. She types up her client's case history on a laptop with screen reading software. Bronwyn has built a good rapport with a physiotherapy clinic and they refer most of her clients to her. Bronwyn says that being a masseuse is a rewarding career and encourages anyone interested in the field to go for it.

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Champions of change

A man speaking into a microphone.

People with a disability need to have a say. We need to be heard about the National Disability Insurance Scheme. We need to be heard about changes to the Disability Support Pension. One way to be heard is by the use of advocates. But their advocacy needs to be effective. To ensure it is effective, advocates and people with disabilities should meet and exchange ideas. Such a meeting is happening in Melbourne on 4 August. The meeting is called the Strengthening Disability Advocacy Conference, Champions of Change.

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Proposed changes to welfare payments

A man being interviewed by a woman. Both are seated at a table.

A new report suggests making big changes to Centrelink payments. The report has a strong employment focus and recommends that people on welfare payments be encouraged to work as much as they are able. However, it is not always easy for people with a disability to find work. Sometimes employers do not want to hire people with a disability. It would be good if the review results in better support and opportunities for people. The government is asking people to let them know what they think of the review. You can make comments and submissions about it until 8 August.

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Saying goodbye

A close-up of holding hands.

Saying goodbye to all the mental health workers who have helped and steered me on the road to recovery is hard. I have gotten very close to them. This is especially so with the workers who I see almost daily. Their departure feels like a big hole in my life. In many ways it is hard to start over and get used to a new mental health worker and to develop the same rapport. But I try to hang onto the good times and memories. And I also try to understand that they too, just like me, have to progress and move on.

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